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In March 1996 we opened with a clear goal in mind.
We wanted to be a store with a large collection in many sizes, a friendly environment, open and hospitable, where everybody would feel upmost comfortable.
Buying clothes after all, is no fun ;)

Well, after years we can say that we succeeded.
We grew to be THE speciality store in the North of the Netherlands, well-known in city, countryside and far out in no-mans land.
And with that we are of course very happy!


We do not have the illusion that we can fulfill all clothing demands, but we try to have the widest possible selection. If we don't have what you are looking for we will work with you to find it.
You are always welcome in our store!

Small & Tall - Folkingestraat 44, 9711 JX Groningen - +3150-3131782

De Folkingestraat:
'De Folkingestraat' is the most fun and "gezelligste" shopping district in Groningen, with an overabundance of privately owned spciality stores.
North-African influences can be tasted and smelled at Le Souk and everything you can think of in the colors of a Rainbow you'll find at the "Regenboog" (Rainbow).
Your journey made you hungry? Then you can get a delicious Italian sandwich at Ariola or have a perfect lunch at Brasserie Midi.
The most delicous hamburgers you will get at Pappa Joe, the #7 in the Netherlands. Well known for their burgers.

The most spectactular building in our street is the Synagog, completely restored in 1981 and in full use. It is also being used for concerts, expositions and courses. For more information: www.synagogegroningen.nl
Walking through De Folkingestraat will make you more than happy!

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