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Welcome to Small&Tall!

You're completely fed up with it?
Every clothing store you visit you get the same story: "No sir, you are too small, too big or too wide, we don't have any clothing in your sizes."
Oh well, rest easy. Because this is in your past now. If you have trouble finding clothing in your own (special) size, visit our store. We have your size and work with you.
Really, come by for any size from small to tall, from mini to super xxxxl.

We have fun, young, modern, classic and mixed clothing in sizes you won't find anywhere else.
Take the dive, and pass by our store. We'd love to see you there.

And did we mention we are located in the most "gezellig" shopping street in the world?
(Gezellig = a Dutch word that can't really be translated, but sort of means "pleasant, cozy")

Rieks & Janet


We have shirts by Ledûb, Casa Moda, Venti & Haupt. In size 36 to 56. In size 37 to 48 with extra length.


Our tailor has loads of experience and is very skilled in changing your clothes to fit you like never before.


Sweaters and more

Sweaters, cardigans and polo shirts. The tricot brands that we have include: Giordano, Casa Moda, Enzo Lorenzo, Ahorn & Allsize/Replika.



Brands include: Barutti, Digel & Edler von f. from small to large and short to long.


Blazers / coats

A collection from the classic styles to modern blazers. Including Calamar, Digel, Barutti & Falabella. More spacious for those who need it but also tight cut.



We have many different sizes and fits in many styles. In quarter sizes and also in 40" length. Brands include: Alberto, pioneer, Traffic & Oakman.



Besides ties we also have belts in extra long lengths.



Among other things; swimming shorts, jogging pants, also in extra length and Bermuda shorts & jackets

Hours of operation

Monday: closed
Tuesday: 10.00-17.30
Wednesday: 10.00-17.30
Thursday: 10.00-17.30
Friday: 10.00-17.30
Saturday: 10.00-17.00
Sunday: see our news page

We have no extended opening hours like some stores in the area have on Thursday evenings, but you can make a personal appointment for Thursday evenings. (at least 24 hours in advance)
Sunday: in Groningen stores usually open on Sundays, however, we are not open every Sunday, so check our Facebook page to see which Sundays we are open for business.

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    9711 JX Groningen

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